Rotation Curation @WeAreHH: Eine Woche Botschafter für die neue Heimat Hamburg

Vor einigen Wochen entschloss ich mich, bei mal anzuklopfen, ob noch eine Woche bei dem Rotation Curation-Botschafter-Aktion für Hamburg frei ist. Ich wollte gerne eine Woche via Twitter etwas aus meiner neuen Heimat erzählen. In Bild und Text, in 140 Zeichen und nicht unter meinem regulären Twitter-Namen, sondern allein für das Projekt. Erfreulicherweise hat es geklappt. Vor 2 Wochen war es dann soweit. Nachdem ich auf dem Blog von wearehamburg vorgestellt wurde, ging es direkt los. In den 7 Tagen twitterte unter die verschiedensten Dinge.
Bildschirmfoto 2013-06-16 um 19.10.22
Es ging um die Elbe und die Alster, den Hafen und die Schiffe, StreetArt und Museum, Franzbrötchen und Fischbrötchen,… Wer nicht mitgelesen hat/verpasst hat, kann meine Tweets (viele mit Fotos) gerne noch mal nachlesen. Ich habe sie mit dem Webtool Storify archiviert. Für mich war das ganze auch ein kleines Experiment. Ich kannte die Rotation Curation-Accounts (wie zum Beispiel auch @I_amGermany) schon vorher, hatte aber bisher noch bei keinem davon mitgemacht. Nun bin ich um eine Erfahrung reicher. Es hat viel Spaß gemacht (ja, es war auch irgendwie anstrengend :-)) und ich kann mir sogar vorstellen, dass das Konzept irgendwann vielleicht auch für Museen relevant und interessant sein könnte. Mal schauen, was die Zukunft so bringt.
Hier nun erst einmal die Tweet-Historie in chronologischer Reihenfolge:
  1. [Admin] Another week is over. Thanks for Danish lessons, Claudia @claudiajaeger – next curator is waiting: Sebastian @MuseumsHeld #RoCur
  2. Occupy WeAreHH 🙂 Let’s get the party started. I’m Sebastian and I’ll usually tweet in English & sometimes in German. Hope you’ll enjoy it!
  3. Some facts you might know about me, you find in the blogpost at… If you want to ask me something: ask 🙂
  4. let’s have a little preview. in the next 7 days, I’ll show you some cool stuff: e.g. the streetart, water & other joyful sides of Hamburg.
  5. because I’am a big fan of museums (and worked for some museums in the past), I’ll give you insights in some institutions of #Hamburg.
  6. I received some tipps for ice cream parlors in the „Hamburg Newbies“-Facebook-Group. the one we chose at Mönkebergstraße was really good!
  7. another topic I like is food. and I really like the #Hamburg food. consequently you’ll read some tweets about it. maybe with pictures 😉
  8. by the way: the sun in Hamburg is already shining. such a great day today! I went with my girlfriend to the Alster to enjoy some ice cream.
  9. after a long sunny day in #Hamburg city, I fade away the day with an action movie: Transformers 3. really amazing (better than part 2!)
  10. I would like to share one streetart picture I shot today next to the Alster: a tagging cat on a rabbish box 🙂
  11. in front of the window: my cat Neo. #Hamburg is his 4th city to live after #Sprockhövel, #Bochum & #Düsseldorf. My previous residences too
  12. the day ends with illustration action. the #starwars drawing set was a present from my girl-friend ❤
  13. good monday morning from #Hamburg or in the words of the north: #MoinMoin! first: coffee. much.
  14. every day has to start with a good „morning song“. this one is for the monday:… #Razorlight
  15. waiting for bus is in #Hamburg similar to waiting for #Godot… sometimes
  16. the day only starts perfect with a #Franzbrötchen (just one per week ;-))
  17. daily watching the WIP of the #Elbphilharmonie #Hamburg while my way to work
  18. guess the vehicle I take to go to work 🙂
  19. this is the place where I work #Hamburg #Elbe
  20. my view from the borough balcony 🙂 #Hamburg #Elbe
  21. the daily question: and what do we order for lunch today? on monday, we chose #HalloPizza. the tom & cherry-salad was very tasty 🙂
  22. just finished my work and on my way to home.
  23. my bus drives through the #Reeperbahn. maybe I take some pictures for you 🙂 #Hamburg
  24. even the most popular street of #Hamburg: #Herbertstraße
  25. there’s nothing but really trashy #Hamburg souvenirs ❤
  26. what I really like in #Hamburg: you wait less than 4 minutes for the next tram and you have a kiosk at every station.
  27. oh. big accident at Wandsbek Markt with 2 cars and 1 motorcycle.. looks not so good… #Hamburg
  28. walking down the „Große Elbstraße“, you’ll also find some #StreetArt. this object was made by „Zipper die Rakete“
  29. another cool piece of #StreetArt I found these days in St.Pauli/#Hamburg. the „sock monkey“ was made by SAM CREW
  30. … and hoping, you enjoyed the first day with me for #WeAreHH 🙂
  31. good moin from #Hamburg. a new day begins. first once again: coffee
  32. seems to be a sunny and pretty day today 🙂 #Hamburg #summer
  33. overnight, #Hamburg spiders made their work. #spiderweb
  34. today first: photo session for an animated portrait (examples you find here: I am a little bit excited 🙂
  35. when people steal parts of the exhibition placard „Bad Things“, the exhibition must be great 😉 #museum
  36. still in the office, giving you special view of #Hamburg and the Elbe
  37. on my back home. walking along the #Reeperbahn to the train station.
  38. Did you know there’s a School Museum in St.Pauli? #Hamburg
  39. the doors are still closed… #Sexshops #Reeperbahn #Hamburg
  40. I made a little 10 minutes #StreetArt walk for you through St.Pauli. I’m going to show you the pictures in the next tweets.
  41. another hidden peace of #StreetArt at St.Pauli is this stickman. artist unknown. #StreetArt #Hamburg
  42. pirates at St.Pauli! stencil work by #LosPiratoz. #StreetArt #Hamburg
  43. just saw a nice mural made by different artists, e.g. OZ. #Reeperbahn #StreetArt #Hamburg
  44. I really love the „sock monkeys“ pasteups by SAM CREW. found one next to the #Reeperbahn 🙂 #StreetArt #Hamburg
  45. a stencil figure between many tags. can’t really define what it is.. #StreetArt #Hamburg #Reeperbahn
  46. another wall fitting graffiti face was next to the #Reeperbahn. I like! #StreetArt #Hamburg
  47. and last but not least, a woman and an ape on a slab. a little bit damaged.. #StreetArt #Hamburg #Reeperbahn
  48. hoping you enjoyed my little #StreetArt-tour via twitter?! 🙂 more art coming soon!
  49. switching the light of. good night #Hamburg! see you tomorrow.
  50. good morning everybody! it is middle of the working week 🙂 it’s „mountain party“! 🙂 #Bergfest
  51. I think, the good weather will never end these days. fantastic!
  52. today, the sun is also shining in the harbour of #Hamburg
  53. the people in Hamburg wear such different clothes. my outfit today: shirt, sunglasses. the woman next to me wears pullover and jacket 😀
  54. did you know, in #Hamburg, there exists some ships, which are also museums? e.g. the Cap San Diego
  55. destination for the evening: #Schanze. meet my girl-friend, drink an #Astra 🙂
  56. end of work, climbing upstairs to #Altona
  57. confusion at #Altona station… no train drives to #Sternschanze actually 😦
  58. just came back from the #Schanze. we had an outdoor dinner with #Hamburg #Currywurst 🙂 cc @QWoo
  59. by the way: I got a present this eve from my girlfriend Pia and our guest from Solingen Sabrina: a walking mini robot ❤
  60. last tweet of today shows the present I got this day: the new orange robot for my collection 🙂 good night #Hamburg
  61. good morning #Hamburg! with raindrops from the night
  62. bad weather?!? doesn’t matter. the harbour is beautiful never the less
  63. #aida watching while smoking break
  64. making a smoking break. hmm. I can show you some #StreetArt pictures I made yesterday in #Altona and #Schanze 🙂 #Hamburg
  65. in Altona I saw a stencil on a post office sticker made by Los Piratoz 🙂 #hrrrrr #StreetArt #Hamburg
  66. and I found a #Wookie next to the Sternschanze. #StarWars in #Hamburg! Amazing! #StreetArt
  67. some places are more beautiful with much colour 🙂 #StreetArt #Hamburg #Schanze
  68. finishing time. goodbye office. see you tomorrow.
  69. if you can’t sit next to the #Alster, you have to drink an #Alster.
  70. good morning everybody. on days like this, in #Hamburg we say #TGIF! 😉
  71. motto of the weekend: smile! 🙂 #StreetArt #Hamburg
  72. the best of the morning: the best #Franzbrötchen
  73. the #Reeperbahn looks so different at 9 o’clock in the morning… #Hamburg
  74. @hirsebirse mir war irgendwie nach Schoki heute morgen… Ansonsten natürlich meist ohne alles und pur! 🙂 #Franzbrötchen
  75. something you should know about sightseeing in #Hamburg
  76. my last view of the harbour for this week on my way to home 🙂 #Hamburg
  77. #Hamburg VIPs voices in the #Hochbahn. Udo Lindenberg for example at Mönkebergstraße! great 🙂
  78. oh oh, the smartphone battery is low. I think, you’ll re…
  79. I think I have the best girl-friend: you wake up and breakfast in the garden is prepared 🙂
  80. first action of the sunny saturday: going to the week market at Wandsbek and buy some fresh fruits and vegatables 🙂
  81. question of the day: shorts or jeans?! never mind the wind in #Hamburg
  82. probably the best market in #Hamburg at #wandsbek
  83. fresh drinks for fresh people 😉
  84. never heard of the drugstore maniac #Busnikowsky before #Hamburg
  85. cutted the hedge! #strike!
  86. found a place for #Piepmatz home. #strike
  87. my girl-friend did #deko on the terrace! it’s pink..
  88. coffee-time, and showing you some cool stuff from the #Millerntor #StreetArt next tweets.
  89. another popular artist of #Hamburg is #Tona. he also let some traces at #Millerntor
  90. I don’t remember his name, but his stencil at #Millerntor is pretty cool!
  91. one picture of the famous #Oz and his smilies at #Millerntor
  92. also a very creative way to tune a rabbish box 😉
  93. and last but not least: Los Piratoz mini wall at #Millerntor #StreetArt
  94. my girlfriend made a nice sweety snack for us 🙂 I like hot brownies with icecream and fruits!
  95. home cinema tonight: „X-Men – first class“. did anybody already watch that movie?
  96. morgen ist mein letzter Tag von #WeAreHH. Ich muss sagen, es hat echt Spaß gemacht, als Neubürger ein wenig #Hamburg-Botschafter zu spielen.
  97. good morning together 🙂 last day of my little reporting news of my #Hamburg life. day starts with much sun and a fine breakfast on terrace
  98. Our cat has a visitor on the terrace. a skandinavian wild cat called Sammy. Neo is not amused…
  99. on the way to #Eimsbüttel. just a short visit in the new shop of a friend for minimal, cool design. it’s called „LIV“ 🙂
  100. yesterday I mentioned, that Udo Lindenberg spoke the name of the train station Mönkebergstraße. Henning Voscherau does it for Ritterstraße.
  101. yeah! the voice for the train station #Christuskirche is SMUDO! nice 🙂
  102. one crepe and ten poffertjes 🙂 #Altonale
  103. a really nice sunday comes to an end. back from the #Altonale, now watching some TV and having diner.
  104. because I HAVE to watch „Shopping Queen“ with my girl-friend, I’ll quit my twitter engagement in a few tweets 🙂
  105. I hope, you enjoyed the last days with me and my tweets about beautiful #Hamburg
  106. for those, how liked my #StreetArt and #UrbanArt pictures and Infos, just check or… 🙂
  107. you can also follow me here on Twitter under @MuseumsHeld. would be amazing 🙂
  108. finally a last describing picture for this and all following weeks: WE ARE HAMBURG 🙂 thank you for your attention!

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2 Kommentare

  1. Danke für Deine Woche und den tollen Review, Sebastian!
    Gerne kannst Du im Jahr 2 auch noch mal eine Woche machen, wenn Du magst.

    Für alle anderen: Bewerbt euch! Für Woche 55ff. suchen wir Kuratoren für eine Woche bei @WeareHH – wenn Du in Hamburg wohnst oder arbeitest (oder Umgebung) bzw. eine besondere Beziehung zu Hamburg hast (z.B. in Hamburg aufgewachsen, jetzt aber im Ausland wohnend), dann bewirb Dich unter

    Lieben Gruß, Romy (Admin von @WeareHH)

    1. Liebe Romy,

      danke für’s Dabeisein dürfen. Hat wirklich Spaß gemacht und in Jahr 2 mache ich sicherlich erneut gerne mit. Wobei ich es ja cool fände, wenn mal ein twitterndes Hamburger Museum mitmachen würde. Gibt ja doch einige 🙂 Ich guck mal, was sich da vielleicht machen lässt.

      Lieben Gruß zurück, Sebastian

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